About Me


My name is Bianca. I am fifteen years old and I have been blogging for nearly two years.

I am an aspiring creative writer and photographer. Reading is my favorite pasttime. I have bad multi-tasking skills: I can do 13 different things at the same time; thank God I can't drive. I am superstitious: I never walk through the 'Exit' door when I'm going into a store and I watch out for the salt. I believe in perfection, which is crazy because I'm a procrastinator.

I have a daughter camera named Mo, which is short for Mohini! She is a marvelous Canon EOS Rebel T3 (purchased on February 10, 2012).

I go to school 4 days a week, except for the last Friday of every month. I am a freshman who has 4 college classes {World Religions is my favorite!} and 2 high school classes. I love math and English.

Live long and never grow up!