If you had the chance to be a world class gymnast, would you take it or leave it to follow your dreams?

Fourteen-year-old Hayley Giordano dreams of becoming a movie director. Recently she  finished her production of Bella Rose, which will be representing the state of North Carolina in the Battle of the Short Movies competition. While waiting for those results, Hayley is suddenly grabbed up by the Maximum Stone coach who thinks she has talent after seeing her on the beam.

Hayley faces a lot of problems, with the fact that she cant afford the classes and that she don’t wanna be a gymnast but she don’t wanna let anyone down.

How will Hayley make it through? Will she make it through? Will she stand up for what she wants, or will she let everyone else control her life?

Danielle Galarza: (noun) a girl searching for a way to become more than the person everyone knows her as; also known as a violin prodigy.

Danielle Galarza has been through so many things that most 17-year-old have only dreamed about. She has played at Carnegie Hall, she has met Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, and she has been on Oprah. Thing is, she isn’t happy.

Danielle is tired of being the classical player everyone knows her as. Not that she doesn’t like the violin, but she wants to rock.

When the chance of a lifetime comes to audition for a spot in a band sponsored by Frank Laurent, her punk rock hero, she takes it.

Not know what she has gotten herself into, Danielle goes on her journey to show everyone that she’s not always who they expect her to be.

Even when you're going through the worst moments, JUST DANCE.

Fourteen-year-old Alli Johansson's summer has just begun, and it's already a bust.

First Example: Her mother signed her up for another dance class, which means she'll have a class every four hours for sixteen hours a day.

Second Example: Her dad has been declared MIA--Missing in Action, while in a battlefield in Iraq.

Third Example: Her little sister follows her, everywhere she goes.

Fourth and Final Example: Her cheerleading team wants to kick her out.

How will Alli survive this summer, and if so, who will save her?