Major Wriitng Problem...ALMOST!

A scary thing just happened to me, like seriously!

I was on the internet and had one of my planning documents opened, then while I had all of my planning lit up, ready to send it by email to my iPod, my computer froze. After exiting out of my document, I reopened it to find an EMPTY page. I freaked out!

Then I remembered I had a backup on my other flashdrive and I looked but it was just the messed-up version from when my laptop deleted that version when it froze last time.

I was crying for a while before I went back to my email and saw I had drafts saved. When I looked at it, it was the document I had lost except for the pictures which weren't included. I am SO happy that I started to send it to my iPod, I thought it wasn't going to work. Now, I have 4 back-up copies and 1 permanent. 3 on my flashdrive I use all the time and 2 on the other. Thank God!

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