Blogging Post Schedule

I thought it was about time I have one of these because sometimes I just don't know what to blog about so now, I just have a random blog schedule. None of those rhyming ones or something, but just a schedule for different things that I love.

MONDAY: My Obsessions. I already posted one about this, but I'll post one every Monday, unless I run out of obsessions, but I doubt that.

TUESDAY: Photography. On this day, I will post some of the best pictures I have ever seen or taken.

WEDNESDAY: Crime Recognition. I thought it was about time someone has one of these, but I guess its me. A day all about crime. Whether I post about trials coming up or missing kids, or who robbed the bank over here.

THURSDAY: Reviews. Book reviews. Music reviews. Movie reviews. Any kind of reviews that I can think of.

FRIDAY: Fragments. Of my writing. Simple as cake.

SATURDAY: All About Me. One randoom fact about me. Heads up, I'm boring.

SUNDAY: Freak Out With Random Stuff. Whether its about the song I just heard on the radio, or that its raining, it'll freak you out.

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