InkieNoWriSum Update

Its another update, I'm at 469 words. Yeah, I've been procrastinating, but I have writer's block and I don't wanna change projects again. So...I'm writing again. I might switch to paper soon. Here's two covers I made for a fellow inkpopper, the author of Attempts Failed. Love that book.

I personally like the first one better. Which one do you like better? How about leaving me a comment? If you don't, that's alright.


  1. I did a cover for that book to! I like the 2nd one better, you can find mine somewhere in this album: http://imageshack.us/g/36/escapedcover2.jpg/

  2. I like the cover with the boy standing on the beach, or I think it was a beach. I think it fits Halo very well.

  3. The first one kind of drew me in more - a cover like that will do that for most people. And that's great your that far with your book - I know I'm not :P
    I'm a writer too but I've been doing a lot of research lately so I haven't written too much. I have two of about 5 stories gradually being posted to my blog. You should come and read it. I'd love for a writer to tell me what they think! You can find them on my profile - it's the "dreamer" one :)