My Dream Cast: Naomi Scott

This is the part of my blog where I'll dreamcast, pick actors and actresses who I think would play my characters very well, and post pictures and info.

Today's featured book is Big Blizzard, which is about a girl who dreams of becoming a forensic scientist and goes on the look for a little girl. Its the first in the Marty Stevens series.

My dream actress for Marty Stevens would be *drumroll*...NAOMI SCOTT.

I chose Naomi Scott because for a English chick, she can do pretty much any kind of accent. Marty is a Bostonian, so I think Naomi could do that. And she's an amazing actress. She played "Mo" in the Disney Channel movie Lemonade Mouth and I think she was one of the best actors/actresses up there. Plus on the way, she will be starring in Steven Speilberg's new movie Terra Nova. She also starred as Megan in Disney UK's television show Life Bites.



This week, I will posting the actor who I think will do a fabulous job portraying Casey Mars. Even though, right now, I don't have an actor, but just a mere picture of a boy. Ooh, but I have an idea.

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