So this is a snippet from my newest project, Dear Journey: Oh Kristen!, its a series of books called Dear Journey and Oh Kristen! is the first book in the series. It follows MC Emily Ward in her life of going to a "Artful" school and having Kristen as a sister. Here's your snippet:

Dear Journey,
    As if, my life could not get any worse. Today, my no good older sister Kristen spilled her whole bottle of vitamin water on me in front of the whole cafeteria. Including Jesse Duncan. Mom did not come to bring me more clothes so I had to walk around all-day, wet and embarrassed.
    Today in Band, Mrs. Roosevelt signed up four of us in the county competition. This means I have to practice for the next 3 weeks so I can go state.
    Daddy, Lu, and I are going fishing next week. I am so excited, six hours stuck with my two favorite guys.
    Dinner’s in an hour, gotta go practice, I’m feeling Miley. I love that girl.
                                                                                                             Emily Ward

Bye everyone! This was great post, I just know it.

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