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Week of September 1, 2010

Author of Roslyns Passed, Book of the Week.

She looked up from the notebook sitting in her lap to the computer that had just sent out an alarm. She had a new message. Opening the message as quickly as possible, she saw the subject "Interview" and the message read, 'Hey, your book is the first ever Inkpop Book of the Week on my blog and would love to interview you what do you say.' In her mind she didnt know what to think, whether she should agree or shove the email down the person's throat. 

She knew what she wanted to do but should she agree with it. She smiled, she had her answer, quickly replying to the message she jumped up and started singing to one of  her favorite bands, Panic! At The Disco. She had an interview and she was so excited that she could scream, and she did!

*How does it feel to be interviewed?*
 Being able to be interviewed is a really exciting experience. I've always sort of tried to play it out in my head--you know, imagine--how it might go, but I don't think imagination really does it justice.

*How does it feel that someone notice your work and wanted to make it Book of the Week?*
My biggest goal in life is to have someone pick out my work using their own free will. I've always wanted that after I get professionally published, so knowing someone's enjoyed my work so much that she put in on her blog is like winning a kiddie version of the Newbery Award. I'm one step further to reaching my dream.

*How did you get the idea for "Roslyns Passed?"*
Originally I got the idea for Rosylns Passed when I was a freshman in high school (I'm a senior now). There was this mysterious, brooding kid that I had a huge infatuation with. I only learned his name (I never actually talked to him), which was Chris. Eventually the idea to write a story about this Chris came to mind. It started off really rough in the beginning--but after three years of editing and rewriting, you'd sort of expect the final product to be better than the original, right? Chris Bartlett, the boy in Roslyns Passed, eventually took on his own personality and thought pattern. If I met the actual Chris, I imagine the two would be absolutely nothing alike.

*If you could choose anyone to play Chris, Ayden, and Baker, who would you choose?*
For Chris, I would choose maybe an older Logan Lerman or Alex Pettyfer. For Baker, I might choose Justin Chong (not because of Twilight) or Takeshi Kaneshiro. I would want someone like a brunette Evan Rachel Wood to play Ayden.

*How did you begin writing?*
My brother got me started with writing when I was young (like seven- or eight-years-old). Sometimes I'll read short stories that I wrote when I was in 4th grade or whatever and I'll think to myself, "Why was I so proud of this?!" I wonder if I'll look back ten years from now and think the same thing of Roslyns Passed.

*Is there anything you're working on right now?*
I'm still in the process of writing Roslyns Passed. It's only about half-way done, then there's the editing, revising, and stressing over that comes next. I'm looking forward to it.

*If writing doesn't work out, what would you do?*
If writing doesn't work out, I'll probably curl up in a ball and cry. Right now there's absolutely nothing else I'd rather do. My aunt bugs me to have a back-up plan...I think I'll wash cucumbers out of the back of trucks when they come into the pickling factory...

*What are you reading at this moment?*
Right now I'm reading The Kite Runner. I haven't gotten very far into it at all, but it's already good. A lot of people have told me it's an amazing book. I hope I'm not wasting my time.

Quirky Q's
*If a strange man was to search your Ipod, what would he find?*
He would mostly find punk and alternative music. Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Mother Mother, Panic! At The Disco. But he would also find classical music, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, random soundtracks, oldies, and jazz music. I like all sorts of music, but mostly I've been really into finding indie bands; they seem to be better than the commercialized artists.

*If you went to Starbucks, what would you order?*
If I went to Starbucks I would order a venti vanilla soy latte or a mocha frappuccino. I'm half-vegan.

*If a stranger offered you a trip to anywhere in the world, where would you go?*
If I were to be able to go anywhere in the world, I would go to Italy. It seems like it would be a really laid-back, free-spirited place--plus the language is easy to learn.

*If your best friend ordered a pizza with olives on it, what would you do?*
If my friend ordered a pizza with olives on it, I would ask if the olives could only be on half of it. I don't like olive pizza.

*What is one of your hidden talents?*
I can photograph the heck out of a roll of film. Haha! Photography was one of the many, many things I snuck into Roslyns Passed from my own life

Extra Q
 *If you had the chance to be interviewed again, would you take it?*
 If I had the chance to be interviewed again, I would most definitely take it. Interviews are exciting!

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