Whoa, Gurl?

I guess you can say I'm addicted to blogging now this is my third blog today. I cant stop I guess but I am so in trouble I havent finished the first chapter for School of Magic and I wasnt even close. I was like on word 750 when I wanted 4000 for each chapter. I'm thinking maybe 20 chapters. About 80,000 words in all. Maybe more if I can reach that. 

Check out my Inkpop page here. I have some of my writings up there so check them out. You might regret it though I have a lot of editing to do, so maybe around August but you can do it now. COME ON YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO. 

Its burning up here in North Carolina, the hottest temperature we got was definitely above 100 degrees I'm surprised we didnt pass out. I cant wait to go back to the library, because the books I have suck. I was looking in the kids' sections, I've been going to that library for two years and I never knew they had teen books; young adult books where the adult books where I thought they were in the kids books. So I was confused.

Have you ever found yourself falling for someone in a...book. I have. In the House of the Night Series, at first I thought I was falling for Erik but then my heart went to Heath and I haven't stopped loving him. I have all the books but I'm only on Book 4. When the new dude, uhh... Stark thats his name, right? Is about to die, he sounds kind of cute too. But I love Heath, and I guess you can say I hate Zoey, my favorite girl character is probably the twins or Stevie Rae I even like Damion and...Jack....!!! Cole sounds cool, even though they hardly talk about him.

My word of the day is: Procrastination.

The definition of the word is: Too push something to a later date.
Ex. I pushed back the date I was suppose to finish chapter one of School of Magic from today to Saturday.

This is exactly what I'm doing when I hold back on writing. I just started not procrastinating and I'm already am. But I love writing I just got to get into the hang of not pushing back what I have to do.

I have to go guys but I will miss you. Tomorrow,

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