Sorry, Guyyyys!!!

Sorry, for not posting earlier but I have been babysitting at my sister's house and let me tell you dont ever babysit, its so horrible. And then I lost my charge cord for my laptop, so it was useless but I'm okay now.

I missed blogging, even though I blogged 3 times yesterday. In two days, on Saturday my first chapter of School of Magic is due to me. So I have a lot to do. I just have a couple of things to say: I LOVE KC FROM DEGRASSI!!! Did I just typed that? I mean I hate how he did Clare but he's kind of cutee, how did we get to this subject?

Anyway my favorite song of today is totally: Hey Princess by Allstar Weekend its so totally amazing its like: umm..."I'll be the one who storms in the castle" and "I'll be the one who makes you adore me" its so rockish which I love so LOL :D. Allstar Weekend album just came out its called "Suddenly" so check it out.

I'm gonna be on tomorrow, so be sure to check back up here for an update!!! LOL :D
With Love Forever,

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