I'm Feel So Alive!!!

Hiya, guys. So I would have blogged earlier but I was catching up on Make it or Break it show and I ended up spending 2 hours watching the first 4 episodes and I still have 16 to go before Monday night.

My fave Make it or Break it character is: Kaylie Cruz probably because she is portrayed by Josie Loren (Lopez) who is totally cool and reminds me of Demi Lovato a little.

So yesterday, I made it to word 1012 from 725 if I'm not mistaken on School of Magic so I dont have that much to go. Yes I do, I have over 2400 more word to go so I have to get to work so I can finish it by 8 tonight.

I'm babysitting today again, and let me just say I still hate it but I love that I get to babysit at home cause I have internet. I have to check Inkpop, and then I'm going to start writing so guys I have to go but I will definitely catch up with you later.

LOL :D Love Forever,

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