The Trip to DC

This post is late! Extremely late. Over three months late. I went to DC for 3 days and 2 nights at the beginning of March. Some of my pictures are below. Hope you enjoy.

There would have been more pictures from the Arlington Cemetery, but I had a bout of asthma and I had difficulty breathing.

If you look a little to the left in the clearing, you can see The White House!

In the middle of photo is The White House!

I copied a name off the Vietnam Wall and as we left, I snapped this picture of someone copying a name!

I have about 10 pictures of this squirrel. He was posing!

This man had a little hoop earring and he had the most gorgeous British accent. It was lovely!

The houses in Williamsburg were beautiful! I took about 50 pictures for each house!

I also went to a broadcasted NBA game between the Wizards and Cavaliers. I went to the Holocaust Museum (my favorite part)! We walked around a lot and it was freezing! It also snew on the morning of our last day! Oh and Taco Bell about 20 miles north from the North Carolina border sucks! They messed up my order 3 times!



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New Blog Name

Disney Movie Radio Rebel

My camera

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Spring Break

Washington D.C. Field Trip

Finished Novel

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Breathe Me by Sia

Contagious by Avril Lavigne

So Far Away by Mayday Parade

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The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Footnote: I got this post idea from the Cupcake Dictionary. The link to the blog is located...here.


Meet Mo!

The wonderful world of The Status Quo presents to you: Mohini!

She is the lovely camera above (not the weirdly held baby or the teen holding the camera).

She is a Canon EOS Rebel T3 and she was purchased on February 10th, 2012.

IMG_0237 IMG_0286 IMG_0180
She has done 3 different photoshoots.

She provides you with an extra photo of my four month old niece Kyra Breeze.

Footnote: If I ever say Mo in one of my posts, just know that I'm talking my camera and not a person!



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Youtube Beauty Gurus

Cymphonique Miller

Novel Planning

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Canon EOS Rebel T3

Spring Break

Washington D.C. Field Trip

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One Day - Charice

Counting - Christina Grimmie

Take A Look At Me Now - Greyson Chance

Three Cheers For Five Years - Mayday Parade

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Saving June by Hannah Harrington

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Freckles and Pointe Shoes


The Cupcake Dictionary

Footnote: This post idea came from The Cupcake Dictionary, the link is above.



Five minute Fridays: Write for 5 minutes without stopping and editing, thinking seriously, or backtracking. Then go and link up at The Gypsy Mamma. This week's word is "real." And apparently, Saturday is Friday.

Prince Charming is lost, so lost in his own world that he doesn't notice Cinderella. Who's Cinderella you ask? I can tell you one thing; it's not me. I am not the one who will lose my glass slipper, who has a fairy godmother, or will get married to Prince Charming and live happily ever after in a make believe castle. Life isn't easy; that life isn't real.

This "Cinderella" dances in the dark, moving her hips off rhythm and cries when she falls. It's sad because this is real. She think she's not beautiful. She knows she not beautiful like the girls Prince Charming dates. She's not even the same race. It's forbidden with laws, she never wants to break. She's held up and miserable, like Cambodian children with no food. Sad and desperate. Too bad there's nothing she can do. She just keep dancing under the moon.

Real life is sad and deep. No happiness and burdens. Just move out of her way and let her dance, Prince. You ruin everything any way. Darn you, pretty boy. Real is dead.


Change Will Come...

Next week I will...

...have my first DSLR camera!

...my own personal laptop.

...five hundred dollars that will disappear quickly.

...new blog design.

...and new blog title.

This year will be all about change. I hate change but something has to give, I will be more into my blogging and writing.


PS: I love you guys!